This photo was taken at a tarot card making workshop earlier this summer. After two minutes of the photographer waiting for me to look like I was having fun, he said ‘You’re a very serious roller aren’t you?’. The photo was taken precisely after that.

I take my rolling very seriously.

Hello there, my name is Eleanor Elliott-Rathbone and I’m a thrift-focused lifestyle blogger from Bristol, United Kingdom. I’m also a freelance graphic designer. If you like, you can have a peak at my work for yourself.

I’m also an avid bargain hunter and charity shopper. I’ve been going to car boots sales every weekend since I was 7. And when my childhood home couldn’t take any more (junk), we even did a couple of them ourselves. Now at 22 years old, I still conform to a similar pattern. Buy, buy, buy, rid, rid, rid. But hey, buying secondhand and donating is better than buying new and scrapping, isn’t it?