Haul-e-lujah! #03 | This punchy orange turtleneck jumper dress and these Cruella Devillesque ankle boots got me bad


I learnt a trick recently on how to return home with a good haul under your arm. We’ve all been there– buying something we couldn’t wear now, but could wear one day. A kitchen gadget we don’t have space for, but will do soon. Or maybe another coat that we just don’t need. Consumers of all sorts are guilty of these sorts of purchases, and in the end– no matter how gorgeous that dress, pestle and mortar or outrageous orange coat is, it’s not worth the purchase.

I’ve found that by making a simple list of items to look out for before heading out, it takes less time to wade through endless rails and shelves of goodies to find what I’m after. It’s also stopped me from coming back with things I won’t ever wear or use. This time around, on my list was: Crop and long sleeve tops, boots, hats, large black winter coat, necklaces (chokers), pinafore dress, and dungarees. I’ve mostly stuck to this, apart from the stripey plant put I got for £1.99. I just couldn’t leave it! Besides, I have a plant I can put in it.

My favourite item from this haul has got to be this quite odd Orange Turtleneck Jumper Dress. I’m not sure whether it was intended as a dress, but because I’m quite short, I can usually get away with wearing it that way. It works as a sort of pinafore, as I can wear a long sleeve top underneath to keep my arms from the cold. I’m in love, and you can see it in action on my outfit post Outfit #03 | A bountiful assortment of all things autumn, all things fabulous

What’s your favourite item? Share your recent hauls with us in the comments section!

The Nitty-Gritty

Orange turtleneck jumper dress
Label: New Look   |   Spotted in: Scope, East Street, Bristol   |   Cost: £4

Stripey long sleeve top
Label: Atmosphere   |   Spotted in: Saint Peter’s Hospice Shop, East Street, Bristol   |   Cost: £1.99

Faux fur hat
Label: N/A   |   Spotted in: Age UK, East Street, Bristol   |   Cost: £3

Black leather ankle boots
Label: N/A   |   Spotted in: East Street Market, East Street, Bristol   |   Cost: £5

Stripey Plant Pot
Label: N/A   |   Spotted in: Bristol Dogs & Cats Home Charity Shop, East Street, Bristol   |   Cost: £1.99

Aztec Choker Necklace
Label: N/A   |   Spotted in: Saint Luke’s Hospice Shop, Cornwall Street, Plymouth  |   Cost: £3.99

Total cost of haul


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