Weekly Digest | Whisky tumblers, ramen, and a titillating new magazine


It’s 2018, and I’ve spent the last couple of days catching up on my post, Mad Men and catching up with old friends. It’s time for the Weekly Digest #4.

What I’m reading

Fluffer Everyday  |  Issue 1

Boy oh boy was I excited to see this come through the post box! I’ve been waiting over half a year for this online magazine to become physical, and now it’s finally here. Fluffer Everyday, as you may glean from the title, is a somewhat sexual publication. To those who aren’t so filthy, a fluffer is a porn industry term for someone who ‘prepares’ male actors before their scenes. Some may say they ‘work them up’, which seems to be what Fluffer Everyday is all about too. To titillate and work you up with some raunchy, suggestive material.

Pornography and erotica has been part of human civilisation for a hell of a long time. In many historical societies, depictions of sexual behaviour were common. As our technology develops, so will our porn. With the rise of the internet, and hard core material avaliable (without proper context) with a click of a button, we’re now seeing the truly detrimental effects it can have. What really struck me about this magazine was it’s sex-positive, pro-porn stance. Like other players in the field (Bryan Gozzling say whutttt), I feel they’re trying to inject some humour, style, trust and basically better communication when it comes to healthy, modern-day porn. And that’s a wonderful pattern to see develop.

What I’ve seen

Mad Men

I blame Film and Furniture for this one. After editing together a video for them (that included footage of Don Draper’s whisky tumblers shown above), I accidentally binge-watched six series of Mad Men. Others who know Mad Men might wonder, ‘Six? Why didn’t you finish the final 7th season too?!’  You’d be quite right to ask that too, dear reader. But you see, Netflix is the most despicable and cruel service in the entire world. They let me watch those six seasons without giving me the final one on purpose. To torture me. And that was one month ago. This week I acquired the 7th season and finally got it over with. Finally I can sleep at night knowing that Peggy and Stan are together in canon. That is, if my sleep cycle repairs itself after another week of damage.

What I’ve heard

B.B. King

This legend needs no introduction. Enjoy it like I did!

Where I’ve been

Unami Ramen Bar, Plymouth

Spicy seafood ramen with kimchi is delicious, I tell you! It was such a shame I couldn’t finish it. This week I had this yummy lunch with my dear friend Loyd. We met on an art foundation course between school and university, and clicked over our shared love for David Bowie. Three years later our friendship continues whenever either of us are in the area. Though now we talk about much more than Bowie, we talk about Morrissey too.

What I’ve Made

I edited it, so I made it. That’s how I’m wording this so I can include it in the Weekly Digest! I found this image after wading through a bunch of old photographs on my Dad’s computer. It’s me fishing off the brake water in Plymouth. Pretty cute, right? Lets add this as another thing I want to do this  year, more fishing.

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