Outfit #04 | Chanelling Marla Singer with this fabulous fluffy coat


Alright alright, I’ll admit it! My Colorplan bag isn’t strictly charity-bought, but I can tell you– it was free! I got it when I attended a design related event called The Graduates (2016), organised by It’s Nice That. I also received the massive and iconic G.F Smith paper sample book. It may sound a little dry for some, but I’m telling you– that sample book is my bible, and this tote bag is my baby.

Today I’m channelling Marla Singer’s brilliant fluffy, slightly natty black coat from the film Fight Club. I rewatched Fight Club fairly recently, and found myself inspired to write about 10 female film characters and their badass thrift-like style. After, I spotted this little number in my neighbourhood charity shop for £5. Matched with my casual black drape dress and little black baret, I’m ready to stock up on milk and bread at Tesco.



Inspired by
This, this and this.

The Nitty-Gritty

Fluffy black coat
Label: Me Jane   |   Spotted in:  Spotted in: Saint Peter’s Hospice Shop, East Street, Bristol  |   Cost: £4.99

Black beret hat
Label: N/A   |   Spotted on: Ebay   |   Cost: £1.99

Pointed black leather ankle boots
Label: N/A | Spotted in: Saint Lukes Hospice Shop, Cornwall Street Plymouth | Cost: £4

Burgundy netted choker
Label: N/A   |   Spotted on: Ebay   |   Cost: £0.99

Total cost of outfit


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