Haul-e-lujah! #02 | A vintage kilo sale is a great opportunity to snap up rare items on the cheap


This weekend I went to my first ever Vintage Kilo Sale. Kilo sales are pretty self explanatory– fill up your bag with lots of stuff, then get it weighed at the end. On this occasion, the price is £15 per kilo. Not too bad! The event was hosted in a pretty notoriously messy club Motion– a matrix of old warehouse spaces with a cobbled front courtyard and riverside area. Needless to say, on a cold Sunday morning, the smell of puke and alcohol still wafted in the air. However, once you got over that delight, the actual clothes on the rails were pretty good! However, to get the best clothes at an event like this, consider these things.


Get there early
If the event is to start at 11am, get there for bang on 11.30am. A kilo sale gets busy quick, especially if you arrive when it’s half way through. Not only that, it can get physical! Now I didn’t personally experience a tug of war with that suede jacket I bought, but I did experience a woman accidentally scratch my hand when I returned a coat to the rail. Turns out she and her hubby were watching me inspect myself in the mirror for a good ten minutes before they made their move. It’s a tough world, I tell you!


Find quality items that aren’t on the heavy side
This is a kilo sale, and a vintage full fur coat isn’t going to be light! Find items that are gorgeous and lightweight. Hats are a good thing to stock up on, as are slips and tops.


Buy clothes that you cant easily find elsewhere
This may be fur/faux fur coats or vintage patterned 50s dresses. For me, it was suede. In all my charity shop trips, I never found this amount of suede that actually fit me well. For that reason, I stocked up.


My favourite purchase from the store would have to be this faux fur leopard print hat. It’s fun, quirky and a bit risky to wear in my opinion. Risky in the sense that I’ve seen soon very old women with their own shopping trollies wearing them around Oxfam, and I’m quite conscious of slowly appropriating their whole wardrobe. I mean, I even kind of want my own shopping trolly– it’s only a matter of time.


The Nitty-Gritty

Suede camel jacket
Label: Gimo’s   |   Spotted in: Bristol Kilo Sale   |   Cost: £15

Short suede skirt
Label: N/A   |   Spotted in: Bristol Kilo Sale   |   Cost: N/A

Long dark suede skirt
Label: N/A   |   Spotted in: Bristol Kilo Sale   |   Cost: N/A

Faux fur hat no.2
Label: N/A   |   Spotted in: Spotted in: Bristol Kilo Sale   |   Cost: N/A

Leopard print fur hat
Label: N/A   |   Spotted in: Bristol Kilo Sale   |   Cost: N/A

Total cost of haul


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