[Guest Feature] Outfit #03 | Georgina shares her favourite outfit and what got her into thrifting


This week’s Guest Feature is from freelance sign painter (nope, not like road signs!) and avid charity shopper Georgina Tozer. Georgina graduated from UWE Illustration last year and has been working for herself since then. Her studio is just around the corner from East Street and North Street in Bedminster, so often finds herself wasting time in charity shops on these roads! We popped into Vegan Junkfood for a spot of mud pie, right before we asked her some questions about her life and thrift fashion.

Tell us a little about your outfit
I’m wearing a red chunky knit jumper with lots of lovely tones in it, a frilled sleeve red top, pulled together with a beige, red, white and brown checkered skirt (or short kilt-type thing).


What inspires your sense of fashion?
I’m not really sure what inspires me when it comes to fashion. I used to dress very girly, even more than I am now! All baby pinks and nightgowns, Lolita skirts and heels. I was heavily influenced by Lolita – both the controversial book and two films, and the Japanese fashion trend/lifestyle. I then went through a tomboy phase, especially in third year when I spent every day in my bedroom-turned-studio, covered in paint and not really socialising. I stopped caring about my fashion so much then, and it was kind of rejuvenated when I left Uni.


What got you into thrifting?
I guess what got me into thrifting and my inspiration for fashion somewhat intertwine. I’m super tight with my money when it comes to anything that isn’t cake, tattoos, or toys for my dog. This definitely came from my dad, who would take me to charity shops and car boot sales as a kid. He taught me how to haggle (not in charity shops though!) and how to find good bargains. In his case, this was a huge haul of ceramic ducks, which my mum preceded to throw out the window. In my case, it’s usually homeware I can paint or gild (decorate with gold leaf), sell, or clothes. When I found myself in a self-esteem crisis during my paint-covered final days of Uni, I got out of it by finding myself in the rails of second-hand stores. It feels great to find something you’ve never seen before, and couldn’t by just walking into H&M, trying it on, and finding that you feel good about yourself in it.


Do you have any tips and tricks to share with us?
I would definitely say don’t give up. For a few months I tried going into charity shops to find clothes that made me feel confident and like I had an identity I could express, and every time I would walk out feeling a little worse because nothing had caught my eye, or fit well. Then I found something one day – I think a skirt, then another, then another, and now my clothes rail in my room is full of clothes that make me feel excited to get ready in the morning. I also found that my spirits started to change around autumn, and probably because of this, my clothes are mainly made up of autumnal colours. Try to seek inspiration from the world around you, or at least the world you surround yourself in.

The Nitty-Gritty

Red chunky knit jumper
Label: Theme   |   Spotted in: St Peter’s Hospice, North Street, Bristol   |   Cost: £4.99

Red top
Label: X  |   Spotted in: St Peter’s Hospice, East Street, Bristol   |   Cost: £3.99

Checkered shirt
Label: Berketex   |   Spotted in: St Peter’s Hospice, East Street, Bristol  |   Cost: £3.99

Total cost of outfit


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