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It’s that time of the week again! I’ve been a busy bee, and this week’s Weekly Digest #2 has helped me to experience it all over again. I hope it provides some interest.

What I’ve read

Poetry Review | Volume 107.4 Winter 2017

Picking up my first issue of Poetry Review was a bit of a wild card purchase! I wouldn’t say I know an awful lot of poetry, but the poems that did like, inspired and stuck with me long after. Long story short, I’ve like it without knowing a lot about it really. All this came about because earlier this week, I attended a tarot card-making workshop as part of Something Good (more on that later) which was such a rewarding experience. The leader of the workshop was called Sophy Hollington, and it was her artwork that I spotted on the cover of Poetry Review. I made the purchase, and boy am I glad I did! It includes a range of contemporary poems in different stylings. I particularly liked this poem by James Sutherland-Smith called Snow. I’ll leave you with the first part of it:

The ultimate poem on snow
should stop twittering right now
as the noise drains from the town
and the cars and lorries slow.
All you can hear is the light
at the pedestrian crossing
clicking too loud to be the slight
alarms of a redstart fussing
that you’re dangerous or too soft
on the magpie harrassing
blue tits away from your gift
of bacon, leaving them bereft.

What I’ve seen

The Draughtsman’s Contract

Continuing on from the Peter Greenaway high, this week we watched another big film of his, The Draughtsman’s Contract! I must say, I can understand why some speak highly of this film and it’s feminist viewpoint. It’s a film that subverts. It’s about naive pleasure and hedonistic innocence. I won’t spoil it, but give it a watch! And another watch, and maybe one more after that. Then read this post. Wonderful.

What I’ve heard

This is the Kit  |  Musical Project by Kate Stables

After hearing a song by This is the Kit this week on BBC Radio 6 Music called Hotter Colder, I was hooked. So lovely, her voice and style isn’t show-y, it feels raw and from the heart. It’s playful, but also a little unnerving. Perhaps because the sound reminds me of The Wickerman (1973) soundtrack. Like this one here.

Where I’ve been

An Evening with Jon Burgerman  |  Thread Events

I had an absolutely smashing time at this recent talk by illustrator Jon Burgerman. He was absolutely hilarious, and his work so fun and interactive! If you’d like to see more of him, check out his active Instagram account here.

What I’ve Made

I’ve been naughty by sharing this, but I wanted to show just a little bit of this poster I designed due to how much energy went into it! So I’ll leave this here, and will say no more.


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