Haul-e-lujah! #01 | A pit stop in Plymouth has massive gains when you use some imagination


The best charity shops (in my experience) are the ones in the not-so-hip areas. I’m talkin’ villages, small towns, and the outskirts of big cities. In these places, the rails aren’t picked quite so thoroughly by trendy city folk. In these shops, it only takes a bit of imagination to see the true worth of an item. Sometimes charity and thrift shops can be a little overwhelming. There’s so much stuff in there that it becomes hard to see the wood from the trees. I’ve found myself really confused before about what is truly awful, and what is actually amazing. Though I do occasionally pick up basic items from these shops (like a basic black skirt for example), this isn’t where you’ll get your satisfaction. I must say that if you want to come back with something good, you’ve gotta open yourself up a bit. Don’t be so dismissive, think about it for a second. Imagine this item outside of the context it’s currently in. Can you see it owned or worn by someone else? If so, who are they, what crowd do they fit into? Finally, is that crowd where you’d like to align yourself? It’s a little self-conscious I know, but these are the sorts of questions that flitter through my mind before making a purchase.

My favourite find of this haul is hard to identify. This brown jumper is so long that it can easily be used as a dress, so long as I have some underthings on. Perhaps even the new top? The stripey top was a total surprise to see, considering how ‘on trend’ an item like that currently is now.

Though it’s a difficult decision to make, my favourite find this week is the set of olive oil and balsamic vinegar carafes. I had wanted a set since spending a month in Portugal with an ex boyfriend and his family. His family was very welcoming and kind to me. I had a wonderful time on that visit– spending time relaxing at their home, going fishing off the coast, and going to Lisbon. Not to mention having tea and coffee outside every other day at the same iconic coffee shop. Despite all of this, one particular thing stays with me more than anything else, and that was his mother’s dinners. There was a homely and ritualistic element to each dinner that I never grew up with. It was quite fascinating to me really, seeing a family share words, bread, and silences around a large table. Each time we ate with them, my eyes were always drawn to her own set of olive oil and balsamic vinegar carafes. I guess once I left, I began associating those carafes with what an enjoyable, homely dinner is like.

These carafes were tricky. I wasn’t sure at first if they were gorgeous or god damn awful. Surrounded by other tat, it was no surprise to feel that way. I didn’t want to buy something if I was ashamed to use them! However, after 5 minutes inspecting them and giving it a good mull over, I decided I was in love with them. And for 99p each, how could I say no?

I regularly use them now as I eat quite a lot of salad and use them to dress it. Overall, it’s the best purchase I’ve made ever, so far.

The Nitty-Gritty

Stripey turtleneck top
Label: Topshop   |   Spotted on: Ebay   |   Cost: £6

Brown button down jumper
Label: Frantic   |   Spotted in: St. Luke’s Hospice Charity Shop, Cornwall Street, Plymouth  |   Cost: £3

Black knitted hat
Label: N/A   |   Spotted in: Red Cross, Cornwall Street, Plymouth   |   Cost: £1.99

Set of Swedish ceramic carafes
By: Malin Gustavsson   |   Spotted in: St. Luke’s Hospice Charity Shop, Cornwall Street, Plymouth   |   Cost: 99p each

Turquoise high waisted trousers
Label: Monsoon   |   Spotted in: Scope, Cornwall Street, Plymouth  |   Cost: £3.99

Total cost of haul


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