Outfit #01 | One oversized jumper/waistcoat and plenty of stripes


Darling devotchkas and droogs, it’s time for my first Outfit article! And what better day to wear it, than to meet my friend Phil for a work date and a bite to eat in Bristol. We went for a good pie at Pineminster, followed by tea at the wonderful Society Cafe. It’s a relatively new cafe, and a wonderful space to go for leisure or work. I can highly recommend it to any fellow Bristolians, especially those of you who like going to cafes solo!

I decided to hail my faux (of course!) leopard-print hat, my stripey long sleeve T, and this quite strange, oversized jumper/waistcoat I found. For safety I’m also wearing a basic black skirt underneath, with tights and black leather pointed ankle boots. They weren’t so fun to walk in on the cobblestones though!



Inspired by
This, this, and this.

The Nitty-Gritty

Stripey turtleneck top
Label: Topshop   |   Spotted on: Ebay   |   Cost: £6

Brown button down jumper
Label: Frantic   |   Spotted in: St. Luke’s Hospice Charity Shop, Cornwall Street, Plymouth  |   Cost: £3

Leopard print fur hat
Label: N/A   |   Spotted in: Bristol Kilo Sale   |   Cost: N/A

Black leather ankle boots
Label: N/A   |   Spotted in: Saint Lukes Hospice Shop, Cornwall Street Plymouth   |   Cost: £4

Black basic skirt
Label: H&M   |   Spotted in: Red Cross   |   Cost: £1.99

Suede camel jacket
Label: Gimo’s   |   Spotted in: Bristol Kilo Sale   |   Cost: £15

Total cost of outfit


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