Weekly Digest | serial killers, a new graphic novel, and what it means to be happy


Cor blimey! I finished my two week internship, got into a new series, and attended the best event I’ve been to this year. Ladies and gents, it’s the Weekly Digest #1

What I’ve read

Driving Short Distances by Joff Winterhart

Joff Winterhart has been around Bristol recently. He gave a talk over at The Watershed about his new graphic novel. I missed it for something that was pretty mundane, and bitterly regret not attending. Only when I saw it on display in my favourite magazine shop did I remember wanting to read it. £14.99 for a hardback graphic novel, complete with autograph and an original character sketch was a steal!

Sam is 27 and needs to get a job. Keith, who claims to be a second cousin of his (absent) father, offers him one. On Keith’s card it says he does ‘distribution and delivery’, which seems to consist of ‘a lot of driving around, getting out of the car for a few minutes and then getting back in’, Sam tells his mother. And so the days go by, Keith driving to a trading estate, ducking into a portakabin, all the while telling Sam stories about his first boss, Geoff Crozier, his mentor in distribution and delivery. As the weeks pass, Sam gets to know Keith’s friends, flirty Hazel-Claire from whom they buy two pasties every day at lunchtime, a variety of receptionists, and a few tantalising secrets from Keith’s past…

If you like the mundane, if you enjoy the extraordinary ordinary world, this is definitely one to read.

What I’ve seen


Oh my gosh. How had I not seen Mindhunter sooner? We (my mother and I) finished season 1 in 3 days. Tis the season for binge watching various series until 4.30am! If you likes the films of David Fincher– which all tend to feature murder, the psychologically disturbed, and an assortment of hard-faced and hard-talking women, Mindhunter is for you.

What I’ve heard

The Guilty Feminist  |  Podcast 1

After hearing rave reviews from my housemate Marilyn about how funny and enjoyable The Guilty Feminist was, I decided to take the plunge and listen to one. She was exactly right. Deborah Frances-White and Sofie Hagen new podcast attempts to address the insecurities and hypocrisies of living life as a modern day feminist. The first podcast’s theme is nudity, so Deborah decided she’d look into life modelling.

“Why don’t you lie down?” she said, dragging a mattress over and putting it in the most convenient spot, right in front of the men.
“Sure. I can do lying down. Exposed, open, vulnerable reclining. Why not? In for a penny in for a… I might throw up.” 

If you are interested in a feminist perspective, like a good debate, or just have some time to spare– give it a listen here.

Where I’ve been

Something Good design festival, Bristol

Something Good was fantastic. We heard talks from some amazing creative practitioners such as Morag Myerscough, Anthony Burrill, Snask, and Wilfrid Wood. I especially loved the talk by Wood– a playful sculptor who regularly invites attractive young men to pose for his work and sit on his lap if they so wish. I never knew Grindr could be such a good place to find good life models. God knows how Wilfred found out. I also enjoyed Sophy’s tarot card-making workshop, thanks to Fiasco Design giving me a free ticket for interning with them!

What I’ve Made

I just finished my final week interning at Fiasco, and left them with this illustration for the weekly newsletter. It’s a piece to go with the news about the great white shark that was given shelter in a rock pool in Manly Beach, Sydney. You can read more about about it here. I quite like how it turned out! Gettin’ my gradient groove on, baby.



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