Weekly Digest | Cannibalism, Lolitas, and too much Prosecco

It’s been quite a crazy week, dear reader. I’ve finished a new video, discovered a new instrument, been up to London and have become obsessed with watching every Lolita-leaning film and book in existence.

Haul-e-lujah! #02 | A vintage kilo sale is a great opportunity to snap up rare items on the cheap

This weekend I went to my first ever Vintage Kilo Sale. Kilo sales are pretty self explanatory– fill up your bag with lots of stuff, then get it weighed at the end.

[Guest Feature] Outfit #03 | Georgina shares her favourite outfit and what got her into thrifting

This week’s Guest Feature is from freelance sign painter (nope, not like road signs!) and avid charity shopper Georgina Tozer.

10 female film characters and their badass thrift-like style

I don’t know about you, but for me– inspiration comes from what I watch, rather than what I see on my day-to-day route. I get excited when I see awesome females rocking pretty unconventional, other times conventional things.

Weekly Digest | Peter Greenaway, folk music, and secret designy stuff

It’s that time of the week again! I’ve been a busy bee, and this week’s Weekly Digest #2 has helped me to experience it all over again.

Outfit #02 | A bountiful assortment of all things autumn, and all things fabulous

A gorgeous morning calls for a gorgeous autumn outfit. I found these boots in a Scope charity shop over a year ago.

Haul-e-lujah! #01 | A pit stop in Plymouth has massive gains when you use some imagination

The best charity shops (in my experience) are the ones in the not-so-hip areas. I’m talkin’ villages, small towns, and the outskirts of big cities.

Outfit #01 | One oversized jumper/waistcoat and plenty of stripes

Darling devotchkas and droogs, it’s time for my first Outfit article! And what better day to wear it, than to meet my friend Phil for a work date and a bite to eat in Bristol.

Weekly Digest | serial killers, a new graphic novel, and what it means to be happy

Cor blimey! I finished my two week internship, got into a new series, and attended the best event I’ve been to this year.